The Project

a digitalised version of the manuscripts was released in CD-rom format

The palaeographic-linguistic edition of the manuscripts in Basque that constitute Bonaparte?s Archive has been a landmark in the history of Basque dialectology. Researchers and readers in general can easily access those texts, which have been written in all dialects of Basque. The project also shows those unpublished texts in dialects that already disappeared but had survived during the XIX and XX centuries. The publication was carried out in 26 volumes and more than 12,000 pages between 1992 and 1999.

These documents, belonging to the XVIII and XIX centuries, will be useful for those who are interested in learning Basque or aim to study the varieties and the history of this language in depth. Therefore, a digitalised version of the manuscripts was released in CD-rom format so that the user can access and use them.

However, the great progress in communication technology and the possibilities it offers allows the users to have at their disposal materials that can be infinitely advantageous and comfortable to use. Therefore, this web-page is devoted to the digitalisation and part-of-speech tagging of those texts. Nevertheless, technologies applied into languages also offer the service to parse the diachronic dialects of Basque, providing thus a semi-automatic morpho-syntactical analysis of the language.

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